The Interesting Way Of Teaching Maths through ncert class 9 and 10 solutions

Over the years people have devised numerous methods and styles to teaching maths in high schools.  As with any topic, there are some simple and not so simple methods that can produce good results in schools and particularly in the maths class 10 ncert solutions and the board exams that pupils take at the end of their schooling years.  When a new method or style to teaching anything is first adopted, there is bound to be a fair amount of criticism and the skeptics.  But the ability to persevere and to take a new step to completion would help matters, especially when it comes to skills that are not that easy to master like mathematics.  

Make the study interesting

This is easier said than done.  If pupils were to be shown how theorems and postulates can indeed be applied to everyday life than just study in the class, then the study of maths can be a very interesting and enjoyable experience.  As can be expected there is bound to be the resistance to change that any new idea or practice bring forth and the field of teaching ncert solutions for class 9 maths is no different.  There can be no greater success than to have an entire class of students hooked on to a subject like maths in school.  

Refrain from offering unrelated gratification

It is common in schools and homes to offer the students something as a gratification to an achievement.  Many times, the rewards are totally unrelated to the study of the subject at hand.  For instance, a better grade in exam could be rewarded with a visit the nearest fast food joint or a new piece of clothing can be offered.  This is a totally unrelated and at times gives the student the wrong signal going through the maths class 10 ncert solutions.

If the study of mathematics can be tied to its benefits when applied to everyday life; there could not be a greater satisfaction.  The real benefits are a better understanding of the various occurrences in life that propels a student forward.  The real rewards are to be seen in a better lifestyle and not just in small offering like sweets or even a trip to the cinemas.


The study of ncert solutions for class 9 maths is not the easiest of tasks and a time tested method to its instruction in schools must be adopted that does not trivialize its use and application.  If the students are shown a correlation to things in life when studying mathematics, it is bound to have a lasting and more pronounced effect on the learning of the subject.  


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