Three Great Math Class 9 and 10 NCERT Solutions Tips

It is usually the case that most good students follow a certain set method to solving the most vexing of math problems.  Each person has a unique and tested formula for solving problems even if it happens to be the Math Class 10 NCERT solutions.  An attempt is being made here to lay out some common points that pupils usually tend to follow.

Use Class Notes

It is the common practice for most good teachers of math to provide class notes.  A lot of people have found that most teachers give more than sufficient depth to the notes to be of use in actual preparation.  It is a good step to start using class notes from NCERT solutions for class 9 math onwards.  These way pupils would be at ease with the language and also the style of expression that most good teachers use.

There are a number of students that consider using class notes as some sort of punishment.  Rest assured that a good school would only use the best available resources to instructing the students in any subject and more specifically in math as it is a very important pivotal language for use.  It is therefore a good habit to refer to class notes.  

Seek out extra help from teachers and even older students

Do not hesitate in seeking help.  People should not be egoistic that they do not seek help.  All masters of subjects were at some point or other pupils in the subject.  It would in most instances of Math Class 10 NCERT solutions that there are older students that would be available for helping out with problems.  Most schools do encourage mentoring of weak students that helps both the students concerned.  

The older student gets to brush up on the basics of the subject whereas the actual student gets a hand up in studies.  Thus mentoring does work to the advantage of both the parties concerned.

Practice as much as possible

There is no substitute for practice.  No matter how well the subject is done in NCERT solutions for class 9 math, practice is what makes the technique perfect.  There is in effect not substitute for practice and all good students of math or any other subject would swear by the effectiveness of practice.  

A person gets to be in total control of a subject with practice alone.  It thus falls upon practice to help master and hone skills.


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